Inclusive beauty for everyone

The best innovations in modern dermatology, without the sky-high price tag or time commitment

This is not a fad.

At SolaWave, a team of veteran entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers came together to create a multifunctional tool and product line dedicated to bringing holistic beauty to the market. Backed by decades of research and specifically crafted to ensure everyone, in every tone, can feel beautiful in their own skin, SolaWave wants to make beauty and self-care accessible for all.

Our team knows firsthand - when you look good, you feel good - but we also understand how difficult it can be to find the time to make self-care a priority. We empower our customers to live in their best skin by creating tools and products that address their skin issues at an affordable price--purposefully designed for the kaleidoscope of colors that skin comes in.

Nobody should spend hours on skincare that doesn’t work, and SolaWave was crafted with this blueprint in mind. In just 5 minutes a day, SolaWave helps customers achieve their best skin results at-home, leading to smoother, healthier, more naturally radiant skin.

Meet SolaWave

Andrew Silberstein
CEO, Co-founder
Eli Bailey
COO, Co-founder
Abria Ramirez
Head of Customer Experience
Matteo Tunioli
Digital Marketing Manager
Camille Chapman
EA & Special Projects Lead
Cassy Eledu
Community Manager
Tess Hanna
Community Outreach
Michelle Giarratano
Giving & Marketing Lead

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SolaWave Wand

$ 149 USD

Portion of every sale goes to charity!

Ships out June 8th

SolaWave Wand & Renew Complex Kit

$ 169 USD
$ 181 USD

Portion of every sale goes to charity!

Serum on backorder, estimated to be in stock June 27th

Renew Complex Serum

$ 32 USD

Portion of every sale goes to charity!

On backorder, estimated to be in stock June 27th
All-natural priming serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Blue Tansy. Pair with the SolaWave wand to enhance the wand's effects.

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