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“As an esthetician, I’ve seen hundreds of at-home beauty devices. SolaWave has shown the most promising results in my clients, and I attribute that to its efficient features that work simultaneously to improve skin health and appearance. My clients love it!”

Orange County, CA
“After my esthetician recommended SolaWave to me, I took the plunge and its made such an improvement in my skin”
– LIz, 69
“I use it probably longer than I should but it feels soooo amazing. Haven’t had a dark circle in months and I keep getting compliments”
– Candase, 33
“I really love the wand - my skin feels hydrated, and I've already noticed a significant difference in the wrinkles on my forehead.”
– Ester, 69
“So far I’ve seen some major improvements in my frown lines and neck wrinkles, and it’s only been a few weeks!!!”
– Bailey, 32
“My 11s and Crow’s Feet are GONE! Obsessed”
– Noelle, 33

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